Testing Comments (Paginated)

19. 9. 2018 BUĎFiT 14

This post test nested and paginated comments. Proin pretium, leo ac pellentesque mollis, felis nunc ultrices eros, sed gravida augue augue mollis justo. Vestibulum eu

Media Embeds

17. 9. 2018 BUĎFiT 1

Really cool to read through and find so much awesomeness added to WordPress 3.6 while I was gone. I should take three weeks off more

A Paginated Post

13. 9. 2018 BUĎFiT 1

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Markup: Image Alignment

11. 9. 2018 BUĎFiT 1

Welcome to image alignment! The best way to demonstrate the ebb and flow of the various image positioning options is to nestle them snuggly among